Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Trip to the Tack Shop

Equus Now!Since I have been on summer break I decided to go to the racetrack to see some of my dads horses race at Scioto Downs, but I had other motives as well... My favorite thing about Columbus is that it is home to Equus Now! aka best tack store in the whole entire world!:)I especially love that they have a huge consignment area in the back of the store that's filled with used tack, blankets, and show clothes.Here's some of my favorite things that I found there:
                    I absolutely adore everything Baker!It's just so classic and elegant. Equus has it all :) 

Here's an abundance of fleece pads and regular saddle pads in almost every color :)

Another section of saddle pads. It's an indoor rainbow :)

These Equifit boots were soooooo smooshy. AHHHHH <3


This Barbour jacket was my favorite. The picture on the left doesn't do it any justice though :/

These pretty little things are called MacWet Gloves. I couldn't believe my eyes when i found them in the CONSIGNMENT SHOP BRAND NEW! They are sooooooooo soft and comfy.

I couldn't help but take a picture of these tiny red paddock boots that I found in the consignment shop. I kinda want a pair in my size haha.

This is a Grand Prix horse sweater I found on one of the walls. It's perfect for chilling at home after a show or a cold day at the barn. Not to mention that it's super soft!

~The Equestrian Teen


  1. Love it :) I really like the Grand Prix sweater!

    1. Thanks haha Equus is Ah-maaaazziiinngg. If you're ever in Ohio you should make it a priority to go there lol.