Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Showing Hunter/Jumper

The Showing Hunter/Jumper



Dy'on Anatomic Bridle

Saddle Shwing pad

HV Polo Luba Breeches Airblue
$95 -



The Equestrian Teen  has a little bit of everything horse related! From equestrian fashion and art to showing and everyday problems, in and out of the barn. My advice to those fellow equestrians out there… quit being scared to wear the riding look “out”! Embrace it… if you are a true equestrian, it gives you a reason to show the love of your sport and talk with the public on why you ride. You may be a competitive rider, or you ride for fun… whatever the case is– it gives you a reason to blab about your boots and why you wear ‘em. Equestrian style is a traditional look that will never go “out”, so live it, love it, and wear it… Lots!

Getting Started

Finally got the page off of private! I'm super excited to start this blog after using my facebook page. I hope to have more readers soon!

Color Forecast for 2013

For those that are fashion forward, this year Emerald was named the Pantone Color of 2013. So if you like to keep up with trends, try incorporating some sister shades (moss, olive, chartreuse etc) into your wardrobe. As a traditional color in equestrian sports(tweeds etc), green is getting edgier. Here's some modern pieces that you can add:

Animo Narcotique Breeches

Rebecca Ray Nickel Bit Bracelet in green

Joules Charing Balmora womens jacket