Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grooming Products for Show Season!

Since show season is coming up, I thought it would be appropriate to share some good stuff for your horse, inside and out. Here's my fave top five grooming products! (btdubs they may sound weird, but they work!)

For improving your horses coat and physical appearance they need to be healthy on the inside! Here's some supplements that might do the trick for your horse's coat ;)

Biotin Supplements Biotin supplements have vitamins that help with hoove, mane, tail, and coat health. Also, using MSM will help the body use the Biotin and helps the joints! 
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Omega Supplements- These help promote healthy skin, shiny coat, earlier shedding, hoof health, and muscle health!

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Here's some grooming supplies for a gorgeous physical

Orvus Shampoo: Its great for any really dirty white markings. Pretty much industrial strength and gets the dirt that is really deep down out. It is in a concentrated gel form and you need only to apply a small amount. Let it sit for a few minutes to do its job and then wash thoroughly. This will remove deep-down stains and leave legs perfectly white.


Mayonnaise- It sounds super silly but mayonnaise makes your horses mane clean and shiny and is great for thick manes that tangle easily. Use it like shampoo and then wash it out. It will make your horse's mane as smooth as silk.

Pledge- I know what you're thinking, "Why the heck would you use pledge on my horses tail???" But believe it or not, this lemony wood cleaner works as a super cheap detangler that repels dirt and adds an awesome shine. It's awesome because it isn't a silicone based product which tends to end up attracting dirt. Just spray it on the tail as needed to come through tangles and when finished spray an extra coat to prevent the attraction of dust–voila, you have a tail that stays clean and tangle-free!

Skin problems
MTG- I consider it the best skin product on the market. It smells kinda bad, but it's sooooooo worth it. It soothes itchy skin and gets ride of all kinds of fungus.

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  1. MTG saved my horses mane. It's a huge necessity in my grooming bucket.